After a 3 mile run this morning I couldn't wait to get home and dig into God's word, I'm always excited to hear what the Lord has in store for me. Well this morning the scriptures hit me in a way that not only left me in awe but kind of made me tear up... Continue Reading →


I'm not entirely sure where the boxing itch came from, all I remember is being intrigued by the sport at a very early age. We had this old vhs tape sitting around at home that my mother would use to record music videos from some of her favorite groupos and bandas, at the very end... Continue Reading →

The Call

It started with nothing more than a dream, a burning passion and desire to create something that would bring value to our community. Over the years Sunnyside, WA has seen its fair share of violence, coming either from gangs or being the result of children being raised in broken homes. As the head coach and... Continue Reading →

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