welcome to our dungeon boxing work sessions!

Here is how it works! We start every session with a warm-up workout, the purpose of this workout is to get the body warmed up and the blood moving. It is important to do a proper warmup before any boxing regimen to prevent injury.

After the warm-up, we allow our fighters to work on the heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags, or mitt work depending on what we are doing that day. Don’t have all of this equipment at home? No worries, you could always jump into a few rounds of shadowboxing, jumprope, and/or running. Only have a heavy bag? That is all you need! Check out our video section for drills you can do on the heavy bag.

Once the bag work has been done, we jump into our cool down session to conclude our workout! (not sure why we call it that, there is nothing cool about it! 🤣) The purpose of this workout is to ensure that we have used every bit of energy we had! There is no better feeling than finishing your day knowing you gave it your all! Enjoy, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!

Make sure you check out the video section!!