Marissa Galvan – Boxer Of The Month August 2018

Marissa Galvan, Age:14 Coach Teresa: "Quiet but oh so Powerful" that is what I see when Marissa walks in for our training sessions. When I first met Marissa I approached her with a hug and quickly found out that she was not the hugging type but I told myself not to give up. I began … Continue reading Marissa Galvan – Boxer Of The Month August 2018

Chase It!

Ever since I was a teenager I've had a burning desire to one day own my own business and be my own boss. I believe this entrepreneur spirit was passed on to me by my father who for years has been a small business owner. I am often amazed how someone who comes from so … Continue reading Chase It!

The Call

It started with nothing more than a dream, a burning passion and desire to create something that would bring value to our community. Over the years Sunnyside, WA has seen its fair share of violence, coming either from gangs or being the result of children being raised in broken homes. As the head coach and … Continue reading The Call