Marissa Galvan – Boxer Of The Month August 2018

Marissa Galvan, Age:14

Coach Teresa: “Quiet but oh so Powerful” that is what I see when Marissa walks in for our training sessions. When I first met Marissa I approached her with a hug and quickly found out that she was not the hugging type but I told myself not to give up. I began to notice a certain trait of hers, she was real quiet but observed everything in such a way unlike many. Marissa pours her heart out when it comes to train she always strives to be better than she was the prior day and accomplishes her goals with flying colors. She has become more comfortable with everyone around her, she teams up with others in the club to work on their combinations thus not only helping herself but also helping her team mates. It is an honor and a blessing to have such an amazing young Lady as part of the Dungeon Squad!!

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