Lino Alvarez – Boxer Of The Month August 2018

Lino Alvarez – Age: 15

Coach Cruz: It is with great joy that we have the opportunity to announce Lino as the Boxer Of The Month for August 2018! Lino has been around our club for a while now but didn’t officially join till a few months ago and we are sure glad he did. In all my years in boxing I have never met a young man quite like Lino, who truly has a servants heart. From the moment Lino joined our club I quickly noticed something different about him…he was more concerned with the training of those around him than his own. On his first day of training he showed up early to help out with our youth boxing class that is occupied by our younger fighters ages 6-11. Lino is quite the hard working young man, not only does he have school all day but he also holds down a paper route everyday for our local newspaper, and on top of that he is at every session on time ready to work. Lino is an inspiration not only to us at the club but to his younger brother and two younger sisters who are also part of the Dungeon Squad, his great all around attitude matches his big heart. I take a lot of PRIDE in the fact that I have a young man like this not only in our club but in my neighborhood as well, as Lino lives near my home. Congrats Lino, we are blessed to have you!!!


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