Isai Carrera – Boxer Of The Month July 2018

Isai Carrera, age 14

Coach Cruz: Isai is a man of few words, doesn’t say much but boy does he work hard! Isai came to us a few months ago simply looking for something to keep him busy for the summer but I believe he now looks at boxing as something much more than just an extracurricular activity. One thing that I noticed right away about Isai is his speed and agility, when it comes to our running exercises he is always at the front of the pack, in boxing this is something most strive for however for Isai this is natural. Not to long ago I found out that Isai’s dad was a boxer himself at a young age in Mexico, and it has been a dream of his to see one of his children take up the sport. In our city what Isai has, that has become a rarity, is the support and direction of a loving father. His dad doesn’t push him to do anything he doesn’t want to do but is his biggest fan on everything he does. I believe this is a major reason as to why Isai is as committed and disciplined as he his. As his coach I am blessed to have this young man in my club and life, I am excited to see how far he goes in this sport! Congrats Isai!!!


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