Yasmin Farias – Boxer Of The Month June 2018

Yasmin Farias, age: 13

Coach Teresa: Yasmin came to us when we first started our Woman’s Boxfit class in February of 2018. My first impression of Yasmin was that she had a real go getter attitude, she was eager to learn and willing to put in the work. Over time I noticed that she was really critical of her own performance, which is why I believe she has improved so much in such a short time. She is quick to point out the things she needs to work on and has always been open ears to correction. While speaking with her, I asked her why she had joined Dungeon Boxing Club and her response was, “I needed something to keep my mind off of things going on outside of the gym and simply just wanted to learn how to defend myself if needed”. She said she loves how the ladies push each other to work hard and give every session their absolute best. It has been an absolute pleasure to have Yasmin as part of our team!

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