Jose Arteaga – Boxer Of The Month June 2018

Jose Arteaga, age 14

Coach Cruz: When Jose first came to our club, I was a bit unsure about him. He walked in with a very hard attitude and didn’t want to say much. I remember asking him what made him want to try boxing, his response was cold and simple, “I don’t know, my dad made me come”. I could tell he was a street kid and the hard attitude was his way of protecting himself from people outside of his world. After hearing his why, my first reaction was to point him to the door, I made it clear that if he didn’t want to be here he was free to walk on out..he stayed and has never missed a session since. In the few short months that Jose has been with us, I have never seen a transformation quite like his. From being extremely reserved and quiet to walking in for every session, hugging his coaches and shaking hands with every one of his team mates. You can catch him joking around and conversing with the squad but as soon as the workout starts he’s all business. Jose is extremely focused and dedicated to the work we do at the club which is why we chose him as our Boxer Of The Month. As he received his award I asked him how boxing has helped him out, his response was astonishing. He said, “I feel like I’m actually doing something with my life, I feel I can accomplish anything I want to do”.


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