Lino Alvarez – Boxer Of The Month August 2018

Lino Alvarez - Age: 15 Coach Cruz: It is with great joy that we have the opportunity to announce Lino as the Boxer Of The Month for August 2018! Lino has been around our club for a while now but didn't officially join till a few months ago and we are sure glad he did. … Continue reading Lino Alvarez – Boxer Of The Month August 2018

Isai Carrera – Boxer Of The Month July 2018

Isai Carrera, age 14 Coach Cruz: Isai is a man of few words, doesn't say much but boy does he work hard! Isai came to us a few months ago simply looking for something to keep him busy for the summer but I believe he now looks at boxing as something much more than just … Continue reading Isai Carrera – Boxer Of The Month July 2018

Chase It!

Ever since I was a teenager I've had a burning desire to one day own my own business and be my own boss. I believe this entrepreneur spirit was passed on to me by my father who for years has been a small business owner. I am often amazed how someone who comes from so … Continue reading Chase It!


Today I woke up in an odd mood, a reflective mood. Not sure what brought this on but I really took some time to think about not only everything but more importantly everyone that the Lord has put in my life. I often joke with my wife about how lucky she is to have me … Continue reading Appreciation


Last week I wrote and posted a blog titled "It's not me" and in this blog I featured an old photo of my wife, my eldest daughter Jenelle and I. After posting that blog, my old friend Brad Hickson suggested that I title it "Foundation", well that really got me thinking. This photo was taken … Continue reading Foundation