Cristian Torres – Boxer Of The Month March 2019

Cristian Torres, Age: 17

Coach Cruz: I am beyond proud of this young man who over the years has become my son. Cristian came to us at age 14, he stepped into our lives at a moment where I admit we were at a low point. During this time we were still training out of our 2 car garage and were beginning to feel that this thing we believed in so much was going nowhere. When Cristian entered our garage for his first training session, I immediately sensed there was something different about this young man. He had a hunger in him that I hadn’t seen before, but it wasn’t a hunger for boxing….I later realized it was a hunger for a better life. I can’t go into the details but the struggles this young man was dealing with at this moment in his life were things that no 14 year old child should ever have to deal with but this was the reality of his situation.  His dream to one day not have to live in the world he was living in put a fire in my soul, I feel he was sent to us by God himself, not only to help this young man but to reassure us that what we were doing.. was exactly what God needing of us. Over the last few years Cris has won many fights and is on track to compete in his first national tournament later this month! We are extremely happy with how hard he as worked not only in the gym but in life. We are certain that Cristian will be the very first boxing world champion to come out of our beautiful little town of Sunnyside. Go get em Champ!!

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