It’s not me

The other day as I finished an intense training session with one of my most dedicated pupils, we had the opportunity to sit back and reflect on how much has happened in the last couple of years. We went from training in the freezing temperatures of a two car garage to finally having a place we could call home. This young man has seen his fair share of adversity as he has been forced to grow up much faster than any teenager should, being raised by a single mother things haven’t always been easy for him. Now he could use his story as an excuse to act out and not get ahead in life and most people would probably understand and let him be…well not me! As we chatted I couldn’t help but be grateful for everything, as I know that the success we have seen has absolutely nothing to do with him or me, we simply get the opportunity to be apart of this journey. As a teenager having won several fights and being popular among his peers, it could become fairly easy for him to develop a big ego, so the timing for this conversation was perfect.

To be completely truthful, I spend a lot of time in awe on how well life has gone for me. I have an amazing beautiful strong wife, 4 intelligent beautiful daughters, an amazing challenging career, and I own and operate Dungeon Boxing Club were I get to impact the lives of hundreds of youth every year. To me this is the stuff of fairy tales, things like these don’t happen to people with a background like mine. I am an ex-convict who was certain that I would not get to see past the age of 25, well at 32 here we are.

Jeremiah 29:11 says:  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This scripture hit spot on with the conversation that this young man and I were having. You see it is very clear to me that God had always intended to have a Dungeon Boxing Club in Sunnyside, WA and I’m not certain why but he chose me to lead it. What I tried to instill into this young man was that at any moment with just one wrong move, we could lose our spot on this ride. You see, I don’t know what God’s ultimate plan is for our little  club but I do know that he intends to finish what he started.

The reason I say I don’t understand why he chose me is because I never really had any formal boxing training. When I was younger there was a club in a near-by city that I tried to attend but was never able to do so consistently. So why would God choose someone like me to run this boxing club? Was it because of my strong leadership skills? My ravishing good looks? Or was it simply because I was willing to listen and do as I was told?

As our conversation continued it became very clear that there was nothing particularly  special about either of us, yet the Lord has put us in a position were we could make a huge impact in not only our city but in the lives of those around us. As we move forward, we understand that God is going to do what he has planned to do with or without us. It is ultimately our responsibility to take our gift seriously, at the moment we decide not to do so, he will simply give it to the next man and continue with the plan…

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