There are days when I’m just not feeling it, days when I would much rather be at home. Days when I am beyond tired, days when I am in a bad mood. Days when I wish I was called to do something else, days when I can’t stand the sight of another punching bag. Days when I tell my wife I quit, I don’t want to do this anymore. There are days that I am frustrated, days when everything feels pointless. Then 4 pm comes around just before our first session of the day and they start coming in, our kiddos, so full of joy, happiness, eager to share today’s stories, eager for a hug from coach, eager to get me worked up by telling me they spent all weekend watching tv instead of reading a book! My kiddos, faces bright as the sun, smiles from ear to ear. I can’t help but fall in love all over again, simply forgetting everything that was weighing on my heart. My kiddos!

It is tough being a boxing coach or really any type of coach for that matter. Often times we see things that no one else does due to the busy nature of our lives or because some people simply don’t care. We grow to live in harmony with those we coach, we notice when their attitude is off, or when they are having a bad day. We see when they are frustrated or angry about something that is weighing on them. We see when they are in pain because we have become familiar with their facial expressions. We begin to hurt when they hurt, we even at times cry when they cry. They become more than just athletes or students, they become our babies whether they are 8 years of age or 24, they are our children, our future, our legacy.

Seeing our kids walk through our doors with excitement even though they know they are about to go through a grueling workout validates that I am exactly where I am supposed to be or better yet where I need to be. Their smiles ignites a flame within me that I often try to snuff out or even at times forget. They constantly remind me as to why we opened our doors, doors that I will continue to open just to see them smile….my babies.

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