Ego…the friend we all have who secretly wishes you would fail at everything you do.

Ryan Holiday does a great job of exposing what ego really is. Often times we confuse ego with confidence or achievement. Ego encourages us to boast, hold our heads high, makes us feel like we are better than everyone else but in reality it is slowly creating our demise. Slowly pushing everyone and everything we love away, then we sit in the rubble and wonder what went wrong. Ego went wrong.

Ego tells us that meaning comes from activity, that being the center of attention is the only way to matter…

Ryan Holiday

Looking back on my life, I can’t even count the times I let my ego run rampant. I come from a difficult background that never allowed me to feel any sort of success, no matter what I did, I was a failure, I was never going to accomplish anything. Through the grace of God I was able to break free from that mentality and move forward with my life. Although I was finally free, I quickly bound myself to another chain… my ego. I allowed myself to feel I was the end all, that without me nothing would grow nor function correctly. I’ve pushed myself out of great jobs, amazing friendships, and even greater opportunities, all because no one could offend dare anyone not bow down to my every request.

We tend to think that ego equals confidence.

Ryan Holiday

This book has really opened my eyes to when and why things have gone wrong in my life. Although I wasn’t the cause of all of it, I can honestly say 99.7% of it was due to my ego and thinking I could do no wrong.

This is a must read for everyone!

Cruz Ramos

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